OPS Rules clients achieve new levels of revenue, margin and global efficiencies when leaders throughout the supply chain respond to new opportunities only revealed by world-class, multi-echelon operations analytics. 

Every client engagement realizes new levels of efficiency and effectiveness – the Efficient Frontier.  By optimizing decision-making using rigorous analytic competence married with deep operational experience, global companies realize sustainable outcome improvements that drive competitive advantage.

Using proven end-to-end optimization models, our consultants deploy advanced world-class analytics to reveal existing and potentially superior supply chain behaviors. 

Initial projects identify and prioritize the improvement opportunities that bring the most financial impact at lowest organizational cost. 

Clients enjoy sustainable program success by re-investing early project gains into growing their internal organizational analytic competencies. 

OPS Rules plans sequential projects throughout the client organization where successive project outcomes rely increasingly on internal client analytic leadership and diminishing OPS Rules project governance.  Clients achieve analytic maturity when OPS Rules methods, process and competence are transferred, further raising internal client speed and effectiveness of market sensing and response.