Ops Rules: An Odd Name For A Company... Perhaps.

Businesses, healthcare companies, government agencies. Every organization has structure. Within organizational structure, processes transform raw materials and information into valuable end products and services that consumers or other organizations consume. Increasingly complex processes span nations, languages and cultures as businesses become international sourcers and sellers. Successful organizations optimize processes for efficiency and to support scale, but at what cost?

If you've been involved in operations, you know optimization efforts by acronyms like, lean, six-sigma, just-in-time etc. But localized optimizations based solely on these practices may introduce unintended risk, create localized improvement but global inefficiency or make an entire supply chain susceptible to disruptions. While there is good science behind efforts like six-sigma, its systemic application may be more art than science. That's what operations rules is all about.operations rules book

In his book, Operations Rules, MIT's Dr. David Simchi-Levi develops the science of systemic operations optimization using newly developed tools like the Risk Exposure IndexTM. He offers a set of scientifically and empirically based rules that management can follow to achieve a quantum leap in operations performance. Simchi-Levi's rules—regarding such issues as channels, price, product characteristics, value-added service, procurement strategy, and information technology—transform operations and supply chain management from an undertaking based on gut feeling and anecdotes to a science.

So why Ops Rules? Ops Rules is a partnership of seasoned consultants who recognize the tremendous potential for improvement in business through the science of operations rules. Ops Rules is about deep insightful analysis to gain understanding of the factors that influence shareholder and customer value. The innovative thinking about systemic optimizations using tools and intellectual property developed through years of experience. And the transformational solutions that creat enduring value. That's Ops Rules, we'd like to show you what the science of systemic optimization can do for your organization.