Consumer Packaged Goods/Retail

Some aspects of Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) will always be the same. CPG is typically focused on providing the right products at the right time and location through efficient operations.  Retail is ultimately about providing the best shopping experience and nurturing enduring consumer relationships while maintaining profits.

However, there have been many fundamental changes recently, that retail and CPG companies need to respond to. The internet has created not only new competition but has also provided consumers with unprecedented transparency on product availability, pricing and perception. Global production has created challenges related to sustainability, worker conditions and long delivery times exacerbated by predictable and unpredictable risks. At the same time, omni-channel dilemmas and an ever widening assortment are making planning and execution more difficult.

Leading retailers & CPG companies are continuously evaluating the use of latest technology and research to help improve their overall performance. In a rapidly changing business environment, the approach you employ, the tools you use and the team you form are paramount to quickly identifying and capturing business value.

OPS Rules’ deep-rooted expertise in applying advanced analytics to solve a wide array of business challenges makes us the perfect partner. Check out our infographic to learn about our demonstrated capabilities and impact to our clients’ bottomline. Or download our whitepaper to learn about different analytic approaches such as dynamic pricing & markdown analytics, assortment optimization and supply chain segmentation.